Membership Application

TMC Membership Application


Membership in the TMC is the most direct way to impact the Texas masonry industry.  It is the mission of the TMC to increase market share for the masonry industry through focused programs. All of our efforts increase value for all stakeholders, including more profits for business owners, more benefits and opportunities for employees and more value for customers.  TMC seeks favorable state legislation in cooperation with others to achieve these ends. TMC in partnership with local chapters ensures that an adequate number of well-trained craftspeople and leaders are developed and maintained to support the market share TMC creates.

As the premier advocacy organization for masonry in Texas, we are working on several focused programs that will keep masonry strong in Texas.   The TMC has many benefits to offer:

Annual Convention: We will continue the 28 year old Golden Trowel Awards program tradition and celebrate TMC's 60th anniversary at the annual Convention in The Woodlands August 7-9, 2019. 


Conferences: The TMC will be representing and promoting masonry at conferences, connecting with thousands of attendees spreading the masonry message.


University Masonry Days: hundreds of architectural and construction students will once again have the opportunity to have hands-on experience laying masonry products at their school. 


BIM-M: The TMC is working with others in the masonry industry to help implement Building Information Modeling (BIM-M).  The roadmap is a total immersion of all aspects of masonry, from architectural and engineering coordination through masonry materials and properties to construction management and mason contracting functions.


The Masonry Voice: Stay informed and connected with the TMC through these  information-filled monthly e-newsletters.


The Line, The Masonry Magazine of Texas: official publication of the TMC, quarterly magazine, will now feature new columns such as: Regional Chapter news, Government Relations and Legislative updates, Masonry project case studies, Technical notes, and general masonry news.


CMU Check-Off Legislation: The TMC will continue to collaborate with the MCAA/NCMA to secure implementation of the CMU Check-Off.


Workforce Development: The TMC will continue to research and formulate a strategic plan for the future workforce (collaboration with trade schools, apprenticeship programs, high schools, etc.)


Teamwork: Collaboration with other state associations and organizations such as NCMA, MCAA, MIA, BIA, NCCER


Legislation: Every member of TMC is also a member of the TCA.  The TCA represents issues from a “sub-contractor” viewpoint.  The TMC is represented on the TCA board of directors and is continually ‘in-tune’ with legislative issues.


Fire Safety: The TMC will continue to work with local building officials and fire chiefs to promote the advantages of masonry to prevent storm, fire deaths, and injuries.