About TMC


TMC increases market share for the masonry industry through focused programs. All of our efforts increase value for all stakeholders, including more profits for business owners, more benefits and opportunities for employees and more value for customers.

TMC seeks favorable state legislation in cooperation with others to achieve these ends. TMC in partnership with local chapters ensures that an adequate number of well-trained craftspeople and leaders are developed and maintained to support the market share TMC creates.


TMC will be a positive, professional, and financially-sound organization effectively bringing many diverse people together to protect and strengthen the masonry industry, making masonry the dominant building material in Texas. All the stakeholders in the Texas masonry industry will be actively involved in the association, an invaluable key to their success.

Who is the Texas Masonry Council?

The Texas Masonry Council is a group of masonry contractors and suppliers in the state of Texas working together to promote the expanded use and the benefits of masonry. Architects and students in the state of Texas who are involved in strengthening and growing the masonry industry may also be members of the association.

Who should become a member of Texas Masonry Council?

Any masonry contractor or supplier doing business in the state of Texas would benefit from becoming a member of this association. Likewise, any architect doing business in the state of Texas, or any student interested in becoming an integral part of the masonry industry should consider membership to TMC. All members see the benefit of TMC’s efforts…now is the time to step up and contribute to the protection of your market share and your future. See below for some of the benefits of becoming a TMC Member.

Annual Texas Masonry Council Activities

Once a year, masonry suppliers, masonry contractors, architects and vendors from across the state gather to learn, network and celebrate. The convention is always a time to look at the past year’s activity, where the industry is going, and to preview the year ahead.


The leaders and members of TMC aspire to these values at all times:

  • We accept responsibility for our profession and our industry.
  • We deliver maximum value for each construction dollar spent.
  • We strive for high professional standards that preserve pride in our craft and dignity for our craftspeople.
  • We support fair competition for all stakeholders.
  • We encourage respect between customers, contractors, and suppliers.
  • As an organization we respect local associations and seek their involvement.
  • As an organization we are innovative, creative, and trustworthy.

How do I join?

Visit our membership page! Or Click Here click here to download our membership application.